Questions of financial responsibility are plaguing a candidate in the New Bedford Council-at-Large race.

Matthew Daniels was evicted twice in 2013 for non-payment of rent. Daniels was taken to New Bedford Housing Court twice, and ordered to pay nearly $4,600 to the plaintiffs. When questioned on "The Taylor Cormier Show" about how he could be responsible for overseeing the budget in the City Council when he had issues managing his own finances, Daniels says the city budget is handled by the entire council, and not just one person. "To be honest with you, if I had ten people going over my personal budget with me, I probably wouldn't have made the same financial mistakes that I made. And we probably wouldn't be here talking about it. But, it's totally understandable - the trust factor. It's just something that I have to earn," said Daniels.

Daniels says he fell on hard times after being laid off in late 2012.

He now co-owns and operates an IT business in Fairhaven, and is focusing much of his campaign on promoting small businesses in New Bedford. Daniels says he'd like to see a centralized department specifically geared towards working with potential small business owners. "So you're not chasing paperwork around the city, waiting for someone to get in the office to go through everything. I think it would just be, like, to make it (an) easier, one-stop place for entrepreneurs to get that stuff off the ground."

Daniels is one of eleven candidates running for the five Council-at-Large seats. One candidate will be eliminated during the October 6 preliminary election.

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