It will be a very cool event to see the implosion of the two cooling towers at Brayton Point that will come down Saturday, April 27 at 8 a.m.

We seem to have a fascination seeing buildings, bridges and things being blown up. But a million viewers?

Michael Lund, who owns The Tipsy Seagull and Borden Light Marina in Fall River hopes the implosion will attract "a million people here." Maybe he's a bit too optimistic to expect a million people, or maybe he was just speaking figuratively, but quite a few local businesses have made this event a spectator's sport. And I'm hearing that this one may be one for the record books.

Since the implosion of the towers is scheduled to take place at 8 a.m., the menu will probably feature kegs and eggs or bolo sandwiches and Bloody Mary's. Barrett's Waterfront is calling it a '"Bring 'Em Down Breakfast" and it's close to sold out. Battleship Cove also sold out with their $5-a-head prime viewing party complete with coffee and pastry.

So, let's go back to the fascination of it all. To be sure, some will secretly want for something to go terribly wrong and maybe end up with a leaning cooling tower of Pisa. Otherwise, the warning sirens will blast and as the demolition begins, they'll see the huge towers slowly sink to the ground amidst clouds of smoke and dust. Within 10 seconds they'll have vanished from the landscape, leaving tons of concrete and materials.

As Peggy Lee would say, "Is that all there is?" Yes, that's all there is.

My advice is to heed the lesson in this. As with the implosion of the towers, life is short so don't let things bring you down.

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