If you didn't know, you'd probably imagine the acclaimed one-man stage play, Wiesenthal (WEE-sen-thal), to be a serious, somber and unsmiling depiction of how, after nearly dying himself at the hands of Hitler's S.S., he dedicated his life bringing justice to the most notorious Nazi war criminals in history! 

However, seasoned television, screen and stage actor, Tom Dugan, brings you the historical drama in a highly entertaining style that, surprisingly, will have you laughing, as well as clenched in a spy thriller that audiences nationwide have applauded as "masterful" and "authoritative and engaging." In a recent radio chat, Tom Dugan tells us that Simon Wiesenthal had an incredible sense of humor!

When Dugan first got the idea of writing this historic drama, he did a lot of research, delving into the life and past history one of the most admired heroes of the twentieth century. In our conversation, Dugan enlightens us on what we can expect when this one-of-a-kind, award winning play, comes to the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center, Thursday, April 16, 8 pm. Between the laughter and the goose bumps, you will "Never Forget" this great performance and the man who changed the world through his remarkable life. Enjoy the interview.

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