Every year it seems to get worse. This time of the year when people are looking for toy ideas,

If you Google toys that traumatize kids, you'll be sickened by the different sites showing toys that can give kids nightmares.

Also, Parents Country Magazine has photos of toys that will make you wonder if the world has gone to hell in a hand basket.

Can you imagine a Lego's style kit that makes a concentration camp or prison camp, complete with electrified fence, victims on the ground and guards! There's a toddler caressing an Adolf Hitler doll.

There's also a pole dancing doll that goes up and down the pole, and while we're at it, how about a real stripper's pole with instructional DVD? There's the Oreo Barbie, a blow up toy where the plastic orifice is in the middle of the male character's legs, and more twisted toys made for kids that are pure debauchery!

The sad part is, it's not the children who are ordering and paying for these things, and that's traumatizing, in itself!

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