Elite Daily just published a blog titled "You Should Never Marry a Girl Until You've Traveled with Her." Of course, being me and all about anything having to do with weddings and marriage, I had to investigate this further. It's an unusual concept: a honeymoon BEFORE the wedding. Apparently there is a method to the "pre-wed-vacay" madness though. Consider it a test drive of the relationship once the wedded bliss fades. Elite Daily's Paul Hudson has a point here.

1. Traveling often brings out the best in people — and the worst. All the newness of wherever you're traveling to can over sensitize you and your significant other (SO). This can bring you closer together in awesome experiences, or make you start to push away in harder times. This is the reason unresolved issues can spring back up on vacation. Clean slate on the wedding date!

2. If you’re going to marry her/him, then you should be comfortable leaving your comfort zone with her/him. The unfamiliar can be nerve-wracking, but experiencing it together will make you closer. Counting on the two of you alone to make it through the trip is telling, especially no one else speaks your language.

3. Traveling allows you to get to know each other much better. Don't think you already have each other figured out. There's still plenty more left to explore, and a new place could bring that side out. The routine of daily life can cloud the image of your SO. Break out of that routine and refresh your relationship.

4. You learn exactly how he/she reacts under pressure. Stress is inevitable on vacation. Before that relaxing beach day, one must pack several items and plan for the week, or however long your trip is. Things are BOUND to not go according to plan. And the best part is that doesn't mean everything is ruined. You could spend the entire airplane ride next to a screaming baby and your luggage may be misplaced. Your reservation might not have gone through, resulting in having to settle for a room without a view. Whatever the case, there is the possibility of reacting poorly, or handling the discomfort with grace. These annoyances represent struggles you may deal with later in married life. Who would you rather have beside you? The person who complains about the situation even though it won't change anything, or the guy/girl who rolls with the punches and moves on?

5. Traveling shows you how independent he/she can be. Of course we need to feel needed and want to feel wanted. But we also need to know we can rely on our SO too. I want to be my own person. I want my husband to be his own person. And I want us to complement each other well. Traveling may give you the opportunity to find out what he/she is made of. Guys, let your girl lead you through a foreign land and communicate with the locals. Ladies, let your guy show off his surf skills and teach you a thing or two. BLEND!

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