When it comes to the most desirable household item what do you think comes out on top?  I saw a story that said, according to a new study, people believe that owning a Jacuzzi tub means you've made it! 


Really?  I think owning a hot tub will be cool, er, hot but really isn't there something else you would rather have?  Me I would love to have a man-cave!  Me and the boys could hang out in watching football, munching on goodies, not worrying over crumbs on the couch or feet on the table!  The second of the most desirable household items is a walk-in closet!  That's cool, but even with one of those I'm sure I wouldn't have any room for my stuff!

The story I read also said that back in the 1950's the most wanted item was a toaster and foam sofa!  In the sixties it was the washing machine, later came the microwave and other convenience items we see in every home.  So now in order to keep up with the "Jonse's" I have to get a Jacuzzi tub!  Now when I get it do I want one in my bathroom or one that I can put on the back porch?  How about you, what is your most wanted household item?

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