Earlier yesterday Massachusetts State Representative Michele DuBois decided to be the personal "Paul Revere" for criminal illegal immigrants such as MS-13 gang members, drug dealers, rapists and other felons. She decided to use the influence given to her through her elected position as a member of government to alert the Greater Brockton area criminals of an imminent raid by federal authorities from ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement).

Under the new Trump administration, ICE has stepped up deportation efforts, almost exclusively targeting very bad and dangerous felons residing illegally within the United States. Here is what DuBois posted before she took it down from Facebook realizing the public outcry.

dubois post

It is very fortunate for DuBois that ICE did not attempt to round up some of these violent felons in Brockton yesterday. Imagine for example, an MS 13 gang member holed up off of Warren Ave, armed to the teeth in his apartment, reads Dubois' mindless warning to him and others that authorities may be at his door or about to be. Imagine next that he looks out the window and sees that he doesn't have time to escape and instead, decides to shoot it out with ICE agents and then kills one or more of them before he is killed.

She would have contributed to the deaths of federal agents. This imbecile could have contributed to a national tragedy, making orphans and widows with her insanely irresponsible sense of duty to criminals and indifference if not resentment to the safety of our brave law enforcement members.

You've heard of the Hippocratic Oath? here is the oath of a hypocrite:

"A lot of times, the way I as a politician try to effect public safety is by enforcing regulations, and making businesses or individuals that are not following the law uncomfortable," Brockton Enterprise December 31, 2015

Do you though, Michelle? Really?....Really? The only thing you could have done to make them more comfortable yesterday would have been to call an Uber for them.

You have a big mouth Michelle DuBois and the voters need to close it from political relevance. You are not to be trusted with any information and you are certainly not worthy of office. You have disgraced my hometown of Brockton with this national travesty and the district in which I grew up.

Let's just be glad she's not (yet known to be) pro- al Qa'eda.

Her response yesterday and today was to somehow parlay this into a fundraiser for herself on Paypal and she refused to apologize out of one corner of her mouth..but took down the post warning the illegal aliens. That Michelle is an indication that you know you were wrong.

She voted for her own raise last year and is going way out of her way to ensure Brockton taxpayers spend tens of millions on

  • Public education for the children of undocumented residing there. An estimated 8-10,000 reside in Brockton of which 25% are under 18 years of age and in school. Those who can't speak English are regarded as "Special Needs" and cost between $18-22K each per year. Those who can speak English still cost some $14,200 per year. ( $35M - $40M)
  • Utilities Assistance Self Help of South Main Street Brockton has been getting millions of dollars in fuel and utility assistance to area low-income residents for decades through state funds. Each year funds dry up and usually when it is still quite cold out. Self Help and agencies like it, do not check for immigration status, so illegal aliens use the resources designed for a counted, registered population. This means that an elderly America can sit in his or her home in the cold, and DuBois is doing everything she can to see this continues.
  • Water supplies, emergency services budgets are all strained while they are designed for a smaller, documented population.

These gangs do not need Brockton taxpayers to pay for a neighborhood spotter looking out for 5-O while posing as a public servant.

Brockton is not for chumps, its for champs. And I don't care WHO doesn't like what I have to say. I'm East side to the bone, I'm from an area known as "The Corner", went to Tick Tock Nursery on Hovendon Ave, Ashfield Elementary, East Jr High, Brockton High, Massasoit Community College, Downey Little League, Petronelli's Gym, Captain of Brockton Dragon's Kickboxing teams, St. Colman's altar boy, alumni of all of that and more.

Some of my blood is still on the street outside of where the Kazimer used to be and, I like to think just a little more of someone else's is too. I've been to a hundred wakes and funerals at Conley's. I've partied with the best Brockton Boxer football teams of all time at "The Rock" and hung with some of the best Brocktonians in Cardinal Spellman Woods. I voted there. I have all my family still in Brockton and more friends than most and I never forget where I come from.

Dump her.

Ken Pittman is a talk show host on 1420 WBSM New Bedford. He can be heard Saturdays from 9am-Noon. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

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