Nearly 14 years after he left office, former President Bill Clinton is the country's most influential politician, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Annenberg poll that looked at whose endorsement would be able to sway voters.

The survey found that Clinton's endorsement would make 38 percent of voters have a more favorable opinion of a candidate, compared to 24 percent who'd have a less favorable view, a 14 percentage point difference. The only others who had a net positive were Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama, and that was only by one percentage point.

When looked at by party, Clinton's backing would make 70 percent of Democrats think of a candidate more favorably. For Hillary Clinton it would be 65 percent, then 60 percent for President Obama and 56 percent for Michelle Obama. Among Republicans, backing from former Governor and 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney carries the most weight, with 59 percent saying it would make them view a candidate more favorably. No one else was near that high, with people like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz all below 33 percent. Among independent voters, the only ones who would raise favorability for candidates are Bill Clinton and Rand Paul.


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