President Trump is suggesting that changes are being considered to the daily White House news conference and other press events. In an interview with Fox News host Chris Wallace, Trump says a number of things are being considered, including turning off the camera that faces the reporters.

The White House has been ordered to at least temporarily restore press credentials for CNN's Jim Acosta that were recently yanked for his attention-grabbing disruptive behavior during White House press events.

Trump indicated that rules are being drafted that would set guidelines for members of the press corps assigned to the White House. He told Wallace the rules could allow him to remove a disruptive reporter and/or stop a press conference.

Trump says Acosta is "unbelievably rude" to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

The relationship between the press and any administration is supposed to be adversarial. But, if reporters are not going to be respectful, perhaps it's time for a playbook.

Trump has held considerably more press events than his predecessor Barack Obama. Obama disrespected certain members of the press by spying on them and excluding them from press events. Trump, perhaps more than any president in recent years, enjoys sparring with the press and is not afraid to call out news organizations when necessary.

Many presidents have had a rocky relationship with the press. Trump fights back, and the press thinks that's unfair.

Too bad.

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