Being a lover of all foods I was surprised to see that Time Magazine named the White Castle Burger the 'Most Influential Burger of All Time'.  The surprise to me is that they are not available to everyone in the country like a McDonald's burger or Burger King burgers are.  Not everyone has had a chance to try one, the one I had was purchased in the freezer section of the grocery store and I heated it up in the microwave and it didn't do that much for me.  According to the article the reason the White Castle burger was picked was it was the first burger to spawn a fast food empire.  The White Castle success paved the way for America's burger obsession.  It looks like I may need to take a road trip and visit a White Castle burger joint and see if I agree with Time Magazine.  Other popular burgers are the Burger King Whopper, the In and Out burger and of course the McDonald's burger.