New Bedford's Nate Lang, featured on ABC's Good Morning America on Friday, February 13, knows the single paradiddle is an extremely popular drum rudiment that sounds great while played within drum beats. Nate was instrumental in teaching Miles Teller how to go with the flow on the drums in the Oscar-nominated motion picture, "Whiplash," that Nate has a key role in.

In the recent Good Morning America segment, Nate jokes around with Teller about his role helping Miles Teller jazz up his percussion abilities, in the indie film, that started as a "short" that Nate was featured in when it won film festival accolades! In the film, Nate plays a rival of Teller, in the film that was shot in 19 days. Nate's advice to Teller resulted in 40 percent of the drumming scenes performed by Teller in the final cut.

Nate joined us on-air, recently, from L.A. It was uncertain if he would be able to be in New Bedford for the first-time showing of "Whiplash" at Flagship Cinema on Friday, February 20, running for a week. The Oscar's are Sunday, February 22 and everybody is realizing that Nate's film has a really good chance to capture the gold!