In the 2000 heated political contest for the 41st presidency, Republican George W. Bush ran against the exiting Vice President of the United States, Al Gore, who served eight-years in the Democratic Clinton Administration. The FBI probed a serious issue of the seated VP being compromised by the Communist Chinese. He personally attended a meeting with Chinese Buddhists (found to be connected to Chi-Com intelligence agents) who were bundling funds to Gore's campaign war chest.

People were arrested and convicted! Gore was given a pathetic pass by this same media, when he gave the excuse that he had been drinking a lot of iced-tea that day and so when ever illegal fundraising was being discussed he must have been urinating.

So the most profound fact of the meeting was never raised for the subject of this meeting in his presence and the media bought it.... or more accurately, pretended to buy it since he was an ally for progressives.

Aside from what is already assumed here, history challenged Americans need to understand; Russia has been attempting to influence politics here in America  since pre- World War II and not just in 2016. The Soviet Union may have publicly imploded in 1991, but the old guard of Russian communism still weighs heavy in their quasi-democratic, completely corrupt model of government. They have a presence on most college campuses, KGB covertly financed history books being mandatory in many public school systems) as one example.

So while Gore was literally whoring out the White House in an absolute smash and grab, Attorney General Janet Reno, also of the Clinton Administration, refused to investigate and the media laughed it off.

In 1984, Massachusetts Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy was found to have reached out to Soviet Premier Andropov through his former roommate at Harvard and fellow US Senator from California, John Tunney. Kennedy was pleading with the Soviet Union to influence the political outcome of the 1984 Presidential election!! To the media's (very little) credit, most were unaware until the FBI released Senator Kennedy's file upon his death in a FOIA request. If you never heard this story before, then you probably rely on mainstream media for news because they buried this deeper than the mob buried Jimmy Hoffa once the report came out.

To this point in time Trump has been found guilty of nothing and the hostile witness, former FBI Director James B. Comey (recently fired by President Trump) even said the NY Times story via a confidential leak is complete hogwash and nonsense. The liberal media is consumed with innuendo, rumor and conspiracies handed to them from what they say are good but anonymous sources, they cannot seem to verify a thing, they don't even bother to look at alleged documents and present it to the American people anyway.

Americans need to know precisely just how to look at mainstream media. They too are corrupt, abandoning their solemn duties in journalism for the "all-important" progressive agenda. President Trump has had the audacity to interrupt this agenda by defeating their flagship candidate in Hilary Rodham Clinton and, yes there is apparently hell to pay, fair or not.

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