We have a Seize The Deal coming up with Europa Pastries & Coffe Shop on Wednesday, February 12. I had never heard of the Fall River bakery, so I brought a couple of friends to check it out on Friday.

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First, let me start off by asking you a very important question. You've probably had a pastel de nata before, right? It's a Portuguese egg tart that with a crisp, flaky crust and a creamy custard center. Well, have you ever popped one of those babies in the microwave for 30 seconds? Because Europa did for us and my mind is blown. Considered the house specialty, it was a life-changing experience and I'm never going back. Our intern, Harry, is of French-Canadian descent and is not accustomed to traditional Portuguese pastries. Behold his face whilst eating the warm pastel de nata:

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Enough said.

As for some of the savory options, I must mention the rissóis de camarão, or shrimp turnovers. My avó always had these for her annual Christmas Eve party. We'd all show up at 10 p.m. to open presents and there was a second dinner served on her dining room table. It was never a sit-down meal, but rather tiny appetizers, including these "shrimp pockets," as I used to call them. I cannot say that these are better than hers without risking my life, but they come pretty close.

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The cacoila sandwiches were generously portioned and rivaled one of Tim's favorite recipes. If you're craving one from the feast, maybe you should stop by and try it for yourself.

We spoke with two of the owners, who happen to be siblings. Erica and Andrew explained that the natas and queijadas seem to be the favorite items on their menu.

“They’re the right size for a personalized treat. There’s nothing to cut. You can just grab and go.” - Erica Couto, Owner of Europa Pastries & Coffe Shop

The general feel of the location is a modern European coffee shop, without a specific tie to one country in particular.

“It's a little bit of everything. We didn’t want to make it just Portuguese or any one specific nationality. We traveled extensively around Europe for two years to bring back what we saw and tasted for our bakery. It’s the perfect modern blend of all of Europe together.” - Erica Couto, Owner of Europa Pastries & Coffe Shop

And yes, they have malasadas on the weekends.

This deal goes live at SeizeTheDeal.com on Wednesday, February 12 at 9 a.m. Be sure to snag one if you want to try these delicious treats. Check out the menu HERE

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