What should you do if there were to be a hurricane?

We have all the answers! If you live in an area where there tends to be more than the average amount of storms, you should follow these few simple tips:

  • In the spring, if you have trees or shrubs around your yard that may have grown precariously, simply trim them so it does not fall or break onto any of your belongings during the hurricane.
  • Secure your home together with rafters in case of high winds, it can help prevent your roof from actually lifting up and off of your home.
  • Stay attuned with local weather broadcasters in case you have to evacuate.
  • Make sure you find a local shelter near by to you in case you have to stay there for a little while.
  • Protect your windows! Use storm shutters, a pinch, cover your windows from the outside with sheets of plywood, polycarbonate, or metal. Do NOT use tape.
  • Make sure you have a house generator. It can keep the electricity going, prevent food from spoiling, and keeps the heat on.
  • Turn off your gas supply.
  • Stay on the lowest floor of the building. (basement or ground level floor.)


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