October is Down Syndrome Awareness month and in honor of her daughter, Westport mom Kim Tripp Legendre posts a new photo of her ten-year-old Brenna, to Facebook every day.

Brenna is a lot like her peers and likes to laugh, dance, sing, play, and get her nails done. She has a very supportive family and this past weekend it became very clear that she has very supportive friends and community, too.

On "Day 13 of Down Syndrome Awareness Month" (Saturday, Oct. 13th) Kim shared two photos; one of Brenna and her friend CJ and one of a note that CJ had sent home with Brenna the day before. It was the first time a note had ever come home from a friend that Kim didn't know.

Brenna and CJ

Day 13 of Down syndrome awareness month: I think we all know I am very passionate about this topic. Although we feel that Inclusion is the best choice for Brenna, we also know that it is not for everyone. It depends on the child, the parents and the school district they are in. I am not saying it has been a perfect ride, but staying focused on what your ultimate goal for your child is and keeping your circle strong- makes it work. “Teamwork makes the dream work” This post says it all about acceptance and meaningful inclusion. Brenna is a friend.....and that is what her friends see

Of course, Brenna went to the game and her friends were just as happy to see her as she was to be there and cheer them on from the sideline.  Kudos to CJ and the team for showing us all how simple it is to include others and how big of a difference it makes. Teamwork really DOES make the dream work.

CJ and Team

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