The owner of a Westport trash company pleaded guilty Tuesday in federal court in Boston in connection with defrauding the operator of the Fall River landfill out of approximately $473,000 in disposal fees.

Stephen P. Aguiar, 47, of Westport, pleaded guilty to three counts of mail fraud. Aguiar was one of the owners of Cleanway Disposal and Recycling. The charges allege that Aguiar, who contracted to pick up trash from private residents both in and out of Fall River, also contracted with the City of Fall River to collect trash from the Fall River Housing Authority and dispose of it at the landfill, which the landfill operator allowed to be dumped at no charge. However, authorities say between 2009 and 2014, Aguiar would dump trash from his private clients, claiming it was from the Housing Authority.

He will be sentenced on July 17.

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