For the most part, when emergency lights and sirens are coming, it's usually a bad day. However, if you see a decked-out firetruck this Saturday in Westport blaring its siren, that means that Santa has arrived in town.

On Sunday, December 19, Santa will be making his rounds throughout the town starting at 10 a.m.

For the past several years, the Westport Fire Department along with volunteer firefighters have set up a Santa ride for the local kids. Once Santa is loaded up into his big red sleigh (firetruck), he sets off to cover as much of Westport as time will give him.

Union President Bob Porawski has been taking the reigns on this project and is looking forward to another successful year of Santa and Christmas cheer.

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"When COVID came and families were limited to gatherings, we decided to drive around the town with Santa," Porawski said. "However, the challenge is the sheer size of Westport. At 64 square miles, it's difficult to hit all neighborhoods, so we decided on three stops: Town Hall, the new middle-high school, and the Macomber School in the North End."

These three stops will give kids an opportunity to see Santa up close for about 15 minutes until his ride prepares to embark on another area of town.

Courtesy of Westport Volunteer Fire Department
Courtesy of Westport Volunteer Fire Department

"It was originally scheduled for Saturday, but we then moved the ride to Sunday due to rain," Porawski explained. "We usually have done things for the holidays, from the Easter Bunny, Halloween, and Santa. It's just one way to say to the citizens, Merry Christmas and we appreciate your continued support over the years!"

For the complete route of Santa's appearances, you can follow his journey here.

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