Westport's Grant family is feeling pretty grateful after a treasured family item went missing and was then found.

Samantha Melo was borrowing a Ford Edge from a local dealership. Her current vehicle was in the shop, so this was simply a random loaner. It turns out that the SUV once belonged to someone within the Grant family. Long story short, Melo discovered a random DVD within the air filter of the vehicle with the words "50th Anniversary Mom + Dad" handwritten on it in marker.

"My husband and I changed out the air filter this weekend," Melo said. "My uncle owns a dealership, so this is a loaner while he helps fix my car and it was on top of the filter. It must have slipped through the glove box somehow."

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Using her investigative skills, Melo noticed that a saved home address in the vehicle's GPS memory led to a Westport residence, so she took to social media and asked around in a local Facebook group that's dedicated to local happenings and chatter within the town of Westport.

After she posted a video screenshot of what appears to be the couple renewing their vows at the alter, a few people came forward as they recognized these two people as Ruth and Earl Grant of Westport.

Courtesy Samantha Melo
Courtesy Samantha Melo

Melo was able to get ahold of the Grants' son, Tom, and will be returning the DVD to the family sometime this week so that they can forever cherish the memory.

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