Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey is in Tijuana, Mexico advocating for immigrants who have attempted to enter this country illegally, and those who believe they deserve to cut to the front of the line ahead of others who have waited patiently for their chance to enter America legally.

Healey posted a video from Tijuana this morning where she blames the Trump Administration's immigration policies for the humanitarian crisis that exists on the border. I thought her Democrat party said it was a manufactured crisis?

Healey says she is there to see first hand "some of the abuses of the Trump Administration." She says the border crisis is "incredibly sad, it's incredibly heart-wrenching and it is also un-American." Healey says she is "moved by the injustice" of the plight of the migrants.

Healey goes on to suggest that the situation is in need of more lawyers. Yeah, that's just what we need at the border.

Isn't it sweet that our advocate general is on the border fighting for folks who are trying to break into our country illegally? This is exactly what we pay her for, no? Maura Healey is "moved by the injustice" confronting the migrants, but when was the last video Healey produced in support of the "Angel Moms" or the ranchers whose properties have become killing fields and drug corridors? Has Healey held a news conference to comfort the victims of crimes committed in Massachusetts by illegals? No.

If Maura Healey wants to be an advocate for her left-wing causes she should resign her seat and have at it. Otherwise, she needs to get her ass back to Massachusetts and do the job she was elected and gets paid to do.

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