Hodgson Blasts Lawsuit
Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson is not holding back comments regarding a lawsuit filed by two Massachusetts District Attorneys on Monday that seeks to block immigration arrests within state courthouses.
DACA Clinic
The Immigrants' Assistance Center of New Bedford will be helping 'Dreamers' apply for DACA renewal and have information on-hand at a clinic this Saturday.
Sheriff Meets With Trump
WASHINGTON, D.C. - One of law enforcement's loudest voices on the issue of illegal immigration sat in with President Donald Trump to meet with families that have been affected by criminal illegal immigrants.
Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson described Wednesday's meeting at the White House as &qu…
Sanctuary State
BOSTON (AP) - Immigrants and advocacy groups plan to press their case to make Massachusetts a so-called sanctuary state.
The Legislature's Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security is scheduled to hear a bill on Friday that would place sharp limits on cooperation between federal immigrati…

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