[THOMAS] Becoming Aware Of Immigrants Positive Contributions
Looks like week 3 of the Trump presidency will feature yet another series protests. February 16 may forever be remembered as Immigrant Awareness Day. It's really called a day without immigrants, featuring a work stoppage, no sales and peaceful protests all waged against President Trump's i…
Illegal Immigrant Licenses
Should illegal immigrants be able to obtain a Massachusetts driver's license? The State Legislature's Joint Committee on Transportation is considering just that, and Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson says "no."
Hodgson says the proposal bends the rules for those that alre…
Immigration Sweep
Federal immigration officials say a four-day enforcement operation in New England has ended with the arrest of 81 immigrants, including those convicted of crimes, fugitives and those accused of other immigration violations.
The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency says the operation that ended …
Gov Says He Has Support
Governor Deval Patrick says comments to his office are running as high as three-to-one in favor of his offer to shelter unaccompanied children crossing the nation's southern border.
Border Crisis Hitting Home
New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell realizes the potential problems the "border crisis" along the Texas/Mexico border poses to cities like New Bedford.
Mitchell's primary concern lies within the education system, and says accomodations are already being made to make room for student…