Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson joined WBSM's Chris McCarthy to discuss what he calls a "frivolous" lawsuit filed against him over the cost of inmate telephone calls.

Four people are suing Hodgson, along with the telephone contractor Securus Technologies. They claim the payments Securus make to Hodgson's office are "illegal kickbacks," costing more than double what they used to cost.

Hodgson discussed how telephone calls are handled at the jails, and the systems that are in place to ensure the calls aren't being used to conduct illegal activity.

The sheriff pointed out that Prison Legal Services of Massachusetts is the same group that previously tried to sue him over his plan to charge inmates $5 per day for their incarceration.

He also gave an update on the plan to crowdfund the money needed to build President Trump's proposed border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

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