It's been three weeks since the Parkland, Florida school shooting that led to the deaths of 17 people, and some parents are still left with more questions than answers about their local school security.

Two Somerset mothers, Jessica Machado and Jocelyn Domingues, joined WBSM's Barry Richard to discuss a recent meeting in their town, in which they say they were shocked to hear school officials say they have no plan for dealing with increased school security.

The mothers are advocating for a police officer to be placed at every school, and are also pushing for the possibility of arming teachers. They say teachers they've spoken with actually want to be armed while on school grounds.

Machado says that after the Sandy Hook shooting, parents only had a mental image of what students there may have endured. But with the Parkland shooting, social media has been replete with video that was taken inside the school, giving parents more of an idea of what the students are dealing with and furthering their belief that there is a need for greater defense of students.

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