Another stain on the already grimy jacket of U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) whose credibility continues to be trampled upon by her gaffes and missteps.

Washington Post
has unearthed a relic from Warren's past that throws cold water on her claim that she never used her (ahem) Native American heritage to advance her career. Seems Warren indicated that her race was "American Indian" in a handwritten registration form for the Texas State Bar in 1986. Such a listing could help Warren skip ahead of others.

Warren has claimed to be Native American in the past, though there is no evidence that she actually benefited at someone else's expense by doing so. Under immense pressure to set the record straight in order to run for president, Warren submitted to a disastrous DNA test that only made matters worse. On Tuesday she issued her third apology for falsely claiming to be Native American.

Elizabeth Warren is the lowest form of political creature. She is dishonest, cunning, insincere and just plain creepy. We had a chance to retire this woman last fall but failed to make it happen. What a shame.

Warren is expected on Saturday to formally announce her candidacy for the Democrat nomination for president. She joins a long list of loony toons from Massachusetts to do so: Mike Dukakis, Mitt Romney, John Kerry and now Elizabeth Warren.

Egads! No wonder they think we're all nuts here.

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