The newest and very unhealthy craze for teen girls is something called The Thigh Gap.

It's the space between a girl's inner thighs when standing with legs and knees together. What's so dangerous about this obsession sweeping the internet? The 2004 movie Mean Girls showed the hazards young girls are willing to risk so they become part of the 'Plastics' fashionable, popular, beautiful clique in school.

The Thigh Gap, likewise, is "thinspiring" kids to diet themselves down to stick-like legs or else they just don't measure up! Sites are popping up promoting this fetish and providing a "hang-out" for kids with anorexia and bulimia! Most girls don't have a Thigh Gap and never will, but the push is to try to achieve one.

This ABC News video should be shared with everyone as a warning of a dangerous and quickly spreading trend that is harmful for our teen girls.

[ABC News]