Recently, members of the Wareham Police Association gathered at the station to pack “Bags of Hope” for the Happy Hope Foundation. The bags are given to children who are hospitalized and consist of crayons, cards, bubbles, masks, and toys, in an effort to make the child’s stay more pleasant during a difficult time.

Wareham Police Department’s Chief John A. Walcek is pleased to have such an amazing group on his force. "I am very proud of the members of the Wareham Police Department who take the time to help others, even off duty. This police department has a soft spot for kids, especially kids going through a rough patch during an illness."

Scotlyn Larue, a nurse at Wareham Pediatrics, along with Deb Gonsalves, nursing manager at Tobey Hospital, are the ones coordinating the delivery of the bags to children in need. Juvenile Detective Karl Baptiste, along with Scotlyn’s husband, Officer Calib Larue spearheaded the project for the Police Association.

Well done and thank you to all who participated in this in any way.

Photo: Bags being delivered to Wareham Pediatrics, left to right, Officer Charles Pillsbury, Officer Calib Larue, Dr. Steven Mendes, Officer Aaron Pacheco, Sergeant Paul Somers, and Acting Chief John Walcek.

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