Whenever a person in uniform goes above and beyond the line of duty, I can’t help but smile and share their story. The latest heartfelt gesture, from Wareham Police Department, is about a little girl who lost her bike after a scary incident in her apartment complex.

On May 17, a girl was struck by a vehicle at the Woods at Wareham apartment complex. She was taken to a local hospital for evaluation, and thankfully, there were no serious injuries.

Unfortunately, her bike was destroyed.

Officer Aaron Pachecho was the officer called to the scene and decided to reach out to the Wareham Police Association to get this little girl a new bike.

The Wareham Police Association is a community-based group consisting of members of the police department and civilians. Involvement is on a volunteer basis and the association aims to be heavily involved in the community, with events such as "Stuff a Cruiser" and "Shop With a Cop."

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“Officer Pachecho reached out to me and the five board members, and we agreed to purchase a new bicycle for the girl,” said Calib LaRue, the association president.

Officer Pacheco had shared with LaRue that the little girl had just learned how to ride a bike.

“He didn’t want her to be afraid from riding a bike because of (the accident) and wanted to make sure she was able to get a new one since her other one was destroyed,” said LaRue.

With the new bike in hand, Officer Pachecho personally delivered it to the little girl, and the big smile on her face truly says it all.

"I believe I speak for Officer Pahecho as well when I say it feels great to be able to help a kid who experiences a traumatizing event," said LaRue. "Being able to make a kid's day so happy and see them smile is one of the main reasons I ran for president of the association."

Officer Pacheco could have gone home on May 17 and never thought about that scary incident again, but instead, he decided to put in the effort to make this little girl smile, and that is a story worth sharing.

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