WAREHAM — Police in Wareham have arrested two men they say engaged in violent behavior in separate incidents on Monday.

At about 12 p.m., Wareham Police were executing an arrest warrant in West Wareham. When police arrived at the home, they informed the man, Robert Mahan, 28, of West Wareham, that he was being placed under arrest.

Police say Mahan closed an interior door, slamming it on an officer's arm and leg while trying to push the officer back. The officer, Calib Larue, used his body weight to open the door. However, Mahan allegedly punched Officer Larue in the chest, knocking his police radio off.

The struggle between Officer Larue and Mahan continued until Officer Christopher Smith intervened, allowing the two officers to place handcuffs on Mahan.

As he was being transported to the police cruiser, police say Mahan continued to struggle while also cursing at the officers. Police placed leg restraints on Mahan to prevent further assaults.

Mahan was charged with assault and battery on a police officer (two counts), assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and resisting arrest. Mahan was processed at Wareham Police Headquarters before he was transported to Wareham District Court.

Officer Larue received cuts and bruises. Some of his professional gear was also damaged as a result of the incident.

Earlier Monday morning, shortly after 12 a.m., Wareham Police responded to Shenanigan's Bar and Grill for a report of a disturbance.

Upon arrival, officers determined that a male, Michael Ravida, 39, of Wareham, had used a wooden pole to strike two people following an argument.

Ravida was arrested and charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (two counts). Ravida was transported to Wareham District Court after he was processed at Wareham Police Headquarters.

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