Wareham Police say they were shot at Friday afternoon before taking a man into custody.

At around 1:26 p.m., Wareham officers Aaron Pacheco and Christopher Corner were dispatched to County Road Recycling for a report of a male trespasser. They searched the area but were unable to locate him, according to a media release from Wareham Police Chief John Walcek.

While speaking with the complainants the officers heard three consecutive gunshots and realized they were being fired upon. The officers headed in the direction of the gunshots and observed a male on Reed Road carrying a rifle, the release said.

Officer Pacheco stepped from his cruiser and ordered the man to put the rifle on the ground, but he allegedly refused. Officer Pacheco then drew his firearm, commanding the man to put the rifle down. Again the man refused, and began walking away toward a camper with the rifle in hand, according to Walcek.

Wareham Police
Wareham Police

Officer Pacheco moved toward the man with his firearm pointed at him, backed up by Officer Corner. Finally, the male put the weapon down just inside the open door of the camper. The officers placed the man in custody and secured the weapon. After a brief search of the area, the officers located a 500-round box of .22 caliber rifle ammunition, Walcek said.

Gregory W. Schroth, 40, of 8 Reed Road in West Wareham, was arrested and charged with four counts of assault with intent to murder, possession of a firearm without an FID card, possession of ammunition without an FID card, and discharging a firearm within 500’ of a dwelling.

Schroth was held at Wareham Police Headquarters on $50,000 bail pending arraignment at Wareham District Court on Monday. There were no injuries reported.

Walcek praised his officers: “We had a very serious situation where two civilians and two police officers were in grave danger. The positive outcome of this incident is the result of a disciplined and professional response by two of Wareham’s finest officers. Aaron and Chris did an outstanding job and I am very proud of them.”

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