Wareham’s new full-time animal control officer certainly had quite a first week on the job, including rescuing a great horned owlet.

Officer Devin Cloutier, a former vet tech of six years, brings a great deal of experience in handling both domestic animals and wildlife, as well as reptiles. One of her first duties, though, was helping out this adorable owlet who couldn’t find his way home on Wednesday.

“It appeared to be knocked out of the nest after that wind storm and found in a pile of brush. We looked around with the residents to find a nest but didn’t have any luck,” said Wareham Department of Natural Resources Director Garry Buckminster. “We wanted to make sure it didn’t sustain any injuries from the fall, so Cape Wildlife, in their normal helpful fashion, checked it out for us.”

Buckminster said that after some food and hydration, the owlet was given a clean bill of health.

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Cape Wildlife also offered guidance on how to put up an alternate nest for the owlet to be placed in, with the hope that its parents would find it.

“The property owners, neighbors and Devin got a nest made out of a plastic milk crate and some para-cord were able to secure it up in a tree close by to where the owlet was found,” Buckminster said.

The property owners also provided a Ring camera to put up by the nest, and last night, something special happened.

“The owlet was reunited with its family and they had dinner together!” Wareham DNR posted to Facebook this morning. “Please check out the amazing video of the owls communicating and the reunification! The owlet has about a week or so to go before it takes its own flight so we’re excited to monitor its progress!”

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