A group of teenage and adult volunteers will be visiting a couple of liquor stores this weekend, not to do anything illegal, but to discourage illegal behavior.

The group is part of Project Sticker Shock aimed at reducing the number of underage drinkers.

They'll be placing lime-green stickers on alcoholic beverages, reminding customers not to purchase alcohol for people under 21.

Samantha Caravana of the New Bedford Health Department is coordinating the campaign and says the kids want to get involved.

"As the patrons are leaving and checking out, they put the stickers on the bag. It's the kids saying 'we really want to tackle this, we really want to stop the increase of underage drinking," Caravana said.

The volunteers will be handing out stickers Saturday at Freitas Liquors at 1295 Cove Road from noon to 1pm.

The group will then move to Douglas Wine and Spirits at 500 Kings Highway from 2 to 3pm.

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