Its always nice to have a few friends along in the final days of a political campaign.  Democrat Ed Markey was joined by local Mayors, fellow members of Congress and Vice-President Joe Biden during a "get out the vote" stop Saturday at UMass Dartmouth. 

With the U-S Senate election just days away, Markey, the 36 year Congressman is taking nothing for granted.

He's reminding voters about his support for a nationwide ban on assault weapons.....

Markey's opponent, Republican Gabriel Gomez suggests Markey has been in Washington too long.

The Vice President says, there's nothing wrong with a little experience....

Vice Pesident Biden praised Markey for his work on telecommunications , and his support of the President's health care plan.  Biden also urged Bay State residents to, as he put it, do the nation a favor and vote on Tuesday.

TSM - Vice President Biden speaks with spectators following campaign appearance for Senate candidate Edward Markey