DARTMOUTH (1420 WBSM) — UMass Dartmouth officials are informing the campus community about two public safety incidents that happened on back-to-back nights earlier this week.

An email was sent to the UMD community by Dr. Kimberly Scott, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, detailing the two incidents.

First, there was a reported breaking and entering into the Spruce Hall dormitory on the evening of Tuesday, November 15.

Spruce Hall is located near Lot 9 and houses first-year students.

“University Police are currently questioning an individual in relation to this incident,” Scott said. “We strongly believe this was an isolated, targeted instance of theft and believe there is no ongoing threat to the community.”

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The second incident occurred on the evening of Wednesday, November 16. According to UMD Police Deputy Chief John D. Souza, at 8:10 p.m. University Police responded to Lot 13 for a report of a student that had been hit by a projectile from a possible BB or pellet gun.

Lot 13 serves as the parking lot for the Claire T. Carney Library and the Charlton College of Business.

Souza said it was believed that the shot was fired by a person in the passenger seat of a black sedan driving on Ring Road, and that there were two other instances of such activity reported. There were no serious injuries, he said.

“University Police have identified the vehicle involved in the incident and the projectile used, which will help their investigation. Patrols are on the lookout for the vehicle should it enter campus again,” Scott said, once again stating there was no belief that there was an ongoing threat to the campus community.

The campus newspaper The Torch published stories in which students expressed their concern with both the shooting incident and the break-in.

The incident remains under investigation, and anyone with information is asked to contact University Police at (508) 999-8107.

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