On Oct. 26, the New Bedford License Board issued its rulings regarding the two venues. Read the updated story here.

Two New Bedford watering holes could see sanctions for alleged liquor license violations depending upon the outcome of a public hearing before the city's Licensing Board tonight.

Perry's Fireside Lounge is accused of tolerating multiple late-night disturbances and of violating state Covid-19 safety rules. Butler Flats Bar & Grill was the reported site of a drunken parking lot fight in August where a person was stabbed and the owner was allegedly uncooperative with police investigators.

Perry's, at 24 Clifford St., has been the subject of at least 11 calls to New Bedford Police, according to information provided to the board. The board is highlighting three alleged incidents, including a Sept. 13 parking lot fight, a Sept. 15 noise complaint that led to the discovery of people drinking at the bar in violation of Covid-19 rules, and a Sept. 25 noise complaint where police say they found the venue to be operating over capacity.

Laura Perry and Thomas Perry were advised that the board will determine if violations of state alcohol or Covid-19 rules occurred. The Licensing Board may take action to "modify, suspend, revoke, or cancel" the venue's license. "If warranted, a rollback of hours may also be considered," the Oct. 26 agenda reads. Any failure to appear would result in immediate suspension of the liquor license. Perry's is currently serving a 30-day shutdown issued by the Board of Health, which issued a cease-and-desist order in early October.

As for Butler Flats at 38-42 Cove Rd, the License Board is looking at an August 23 fight that broke out after a drink was spilled on a female patron. In the parking lot, a person's motorcycle was tipped over and a person was reportedly stabbed, although the injury was said to be not serious. Police allege that a bartender did not cooperate when she was asked to put them in contact with owner/manager Emanuel M. Ramos. Police later called Ramos on their own, and say he told them he didn't preserve video footage from inside the establishment. When he was asked to describe what happened that night, Ramos "was vague in his response," police told the board.

The board cited three laws in its Butler Flats hearing notice: one, that police may enter a licensed premise at any time to ascertain compliance, and that it's a violation to hinder them; two, that no "disorder, disturbance, or illegality" shall be allowed at a licensed premise; and three, that "objectionable persons" shall not be permitted and premises "must at all times be kept safe."

The board in its Perry's notice cited the rule about the right of police access; the injunction against "disorder, disturbance, or illegality," and further cited Gov. Charlie Baker's updated guidance for Phase III, Step 1 of the state's re-opening plan. Among other things, the guidance requires that venues provide seated food service with the sale of alcohol, and that potato chips don't count as "food."

Tonight's public hearings will be held remotely via the Zoom video platform, and the meeting starts at 7 p.m. The number is 939-6759-4797 and the access code is 270766. The call-in only number is 1 (646) 558-8656. The web address on Zoom is https://zoom.us/j/93967594797.

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