Two Fall River men were arrested Monday morning after an alleged drug deal gone bad ended with gunfire.

Hugan Thompson, 56, is charged with discharging a firearm within 55 feet of a dwelling, assault by means of discharging a firearm, and drug possession with intent to distribute. Kenneth Smart, 22, is charged with armed robbery.

Monday at around 8:40 a.m., city police officers responded to the area of Washington and South Main streets after receiving reports of shots fired and a light-skinned black male running from the scene. The fleeing man was described as having puffy hair, wearing a black sweatshirt, and carrying a black backpack, according to a media release from Fall River Police spokesman Lt. Jay D. Huard.

One officer questioned a man standing near an SUV on South Main Street across the street from the barbershop Untouchable Kutz. Police say the man immediately relinquished a 40-caliber Glock 35 firearm, a full ten-round magazine, and an empty ten-round magazine. The man, identified as Thompson, provided police with his Massachusetts license to carry a Class A large capacity weapon.

Two other officers found Smart walking down a South Main Street sidewalk and identified him as the man who earlier fled. In Smart's backpack, police say they found a black revolver-style BB gun and a large silver hunting knife along with some empty nip bottles and a cell phone.

According to a preliminary investigation, police allege that Thompson had tried to sell marijuana to Smart. When Smart showed up for the deal, he allegedly announced that "this is a robbery" and demanded money, the media release said. Thompson told police he noticed Smart holding a gun inside his unzipped backpack. Thompson said he drew his firearm from his waistband and told Smart to drop his gun. Smart ran across the street in front of Untouchable Kutz. That's when Thompson fired at Smart, firing a full ten rounds from his Glock 35, police allege.

Police assert that Thompson acted negligently relevant to the discharge of his firearm. He was placed under arrest and his license to carry was seized. Smart was also arrested.

Fall River Police did not say if the two men have been arraigned yet.

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