The investigation by Robert Mueller has wrapped up and he has forwarded his report to Attorney General William Barr. Only a handful of people in the world know what is in the report at this time.

The media is reporting that Mr. Mueller will not be seeking any additional indictments and will be leaving his post as a special prosecutor for the Justice Department in the next week or two. There will be no more FBI agents or prosecutors from his office conducting interviews or seeking search warrants.

Trump supporters and the country as a whole should be happy to learn the current President of the United States isn’t a secret agent for the current bosses in the Kremlin. Of course, that was always a ridiculous charge. The people who made that charge should be shunned and condemned. They lied to the country and they misled their supporters. Nobody, particularly the people who believed the accusations made by people they trust, should ever take the accusers seriously ever again.

But it isn’t time for Trump’s supporters to celebrate. If you support President Trump, you already knew the investigation of him as a Russian agent was going to come up empty. You also can’t expect his enemies in the media and in politics to admit they have been peddling a vicious smear for years.

This report may contain information about President Trump that isn’t criminal but also isn’t favorable. The report may also contain information that alleges campaign finance violations related to money paid to at least two women. Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, has pleaded guilty to violating campaign finance laws in that matter and he has claimed he acted at the direction of his client. While I don’t think Trump's actions in the matter are a violation, it will still be an issue for the president and an opportunity for his opponents.

The report may also point out that a sitting president cannot be indicted, and for that reason and that reason alone Robert Mueller isn’t indicting President Trump. The report could say if Donald Trump was anybody but the current president, he would have been indicted along with Cohen for campaign finance violations.

Trump supporters should remember that the investigation of President Clinton that led to his impeachment didn’t start out as an investigation of his sexual affairs with an intern.

Hold off on celebrating until you know what is in the report.

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