Throughout the 2015-16 Republican primary, President-Elect Donald Trump said some really mean spirited, nasty things and even said some intentional lies about his political foes. Once eliminated, he would offer praise and a more dignified description of the defeated opponents. The art of the deal.

This was the same strategy as in his book about the real estate business, Trump executed a campaign strategy that broke barriers in many ways, both bad and progressive. He was able to steal what should have been strong moments from other candidates with announcements about important news he was about to share or even with outrageous remarks that the made the media fall over themselves to report in perpetual headline type priority.

As mean and merciless that Donald Trump was on the campaign trail, even worse things were being said about him by media, pundits and establishment powers. From Warren Buffet to Cher, George H.W. Bush to the Pope, Bruce Springsteen to Roger Ailes. Even Mitt Romney put on the political suicide vest for establishment Republicans, by holding a press conference warning anyone and everyone willing to listen that Donald J Trump was anything but presidential timber.

This poorly calculated political move was not only bold but cost Romney much more support than he'd garnered. He said some pretty slandering, nasty things about Trump, Trump's businesses, ethics and abilities.

As we see, not only can Trump dish it out, but he can indeed take it. He set aside Romney's surprise attacks and saw a possible major contributor to a successful administration and nation. Romney is, if anything, obsessed with being successful. In his debates with President Obama in 2012, he was laughed at by the seated president and his cackling, collaborating media over foreign policy remarks and predictions. Romney, as history has revealed since, was spot on with each and every prediction.

Trump respected that and respects Romney's abilities.

Unlike President Barack Obama who appointed two Secretaries of State based on his own selfish reasons; Senator Hillary Clinton(D-NY) was appointed after a bitter primary season but mostly to neutralize and cease former President Bill Clinton's public harsh observations about Obama. Hillary Rodham Clinton was not the best person for the job by any stretch of the imagination. Placing someone in a such a vital role simply to stop criticism by an iconic fellow Democrat is unwise and by the way that is "thin skinned" defined.

His second choice for Sec of State., Senator John Kerry (D-MA) was not based on a serious search but was nothing more than a long overdue IOU for giving Obama the platform from which to launch his own presidential race. Illinois State-Senator Obama was given a keynote speech position at the 2004 DNC convention when Kerry was the nominee in Boston and Barack Obama never looked back.  Kerry, while certainly stately looking, is fiercely disinterested, unmotivated and absolutely does not possess the DNA of a hard worker (such as Seward, Baker, Rice, Marshall, Kissinger, Webster, Jefferson) which the Secretary of State must be. Once Senator Ted Kennedy, the senior senator from Massachusetts, passed away in 2009, it was painfully obvious how lazy Senator Kerry has been for quite some time.

Governor Romney may or may not get the nod, but he has been given every opportunity by Trump.

This is going to be a different presidency folks. Many Trump supporters from the beginning may have expected to get positions in his administration but word has it, he is going through rigorous, performance based interviews and ironically nothing will be personal. He is simply trying to pick winners. Military and business geniuses who will work for $1 dollar a year on your behalf...Just thought you ought to know.

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