The Trump Administration is listening to the concerns of local fishermen in considering whether to permit the proposed Vineyard Wind project off the Massachusetts coast, which is in line to be the nation's first commercial-scale offshore wind development.

The State House News Service reported that the Department of the Interior and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management notified Vineyard Wind that the government was "not yet prepared" to issue a final environmental impact statement, which had been expected this month.

Mayor Jon Mitchell told me last week that the possibility that the project might not be permitted is of great concern to him and to the City. New Bedford at a minimum would serve as a staging area for the wind project bringing jobs and revenue to the city.

State House News Service

Governor Charlie Baker, who has been meeting with officials in Washington to try and get the Vineyard Wind project back on track, has refused to discuss specific issues that threaten the project, however, Reuters reports the Trump Administration is concerned that the Vineyard Wind proposal does not do enough to protect the fishing industry.

Port of New Bedford / TSM

Governor Baker has shown little regard for the local fishing industry throughout this process and Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey have shown even less.

The Vineyard Wind project should not be permitted until and unless issues concerning the local fishing industry are adequately addressed. Since Baker, Warren, and Markey have little regard for our local fishermen, it is heartening to know that the Trump Administration is looking out for us here.

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