The Mad Hatter Ball is a major fundraiser happening next month to raise money for Noah’s Place Playground in New Bedford. WBSM's Jim Phillips is speaking with Olga Medeiros and Christine Fernandes, members of Team Noah about the organization’s efforts.

Ingrid Kanics is an independent consultant for Kanics Inclusive Design Services, LLC. She sent Christine and Olga an email on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 and it is worth mentioning her findings here.

"Based on what I can find regarding other designs, I'm comfortable saying the following: Noah's Place Playground will be the largest and most sensory rich inclusive playground in New England. Based on my knowledge of inclusive playgrounds, I would put it in the top 15 in the United States as well. This is again based on the size, the sensory rich design of Noah's Place that supports children with a wide variety of disabilities as well as their typically developing peers. There are several that are definitely larger in size, but these are part of larger sports or entertainment complexes (for example Morgan's Wonderland and Jonesboro Miracle League playground). As a stand-alone playground in a park, Noah's Place Playground sets a very high standard for others to strive to reach."


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