Town Clerk Eileen Lowney will again preside over Monday's Board of Health election in Fairhaven.   

In April, Peter De Terra was declared the winner over John Wethington by two votes.  Wethington challenged the outocme in court, claiming ballots were mishandled.  A Superior Court judge agreed, and declared the election a tie.

A new election was set for September 9th, and again Wethington and De Terra are on the ballot.  Town Clerk Lowney tells WBSM News, she and her staff have been working over-time to make sure there are no slip-ups....

Lowney admits she made some mistakes in April, but since then she and her staff have attended three training sessions offered thru the State Election Office.  Lowney says she's also brought in some new poll workers.

The polls in Fairhaven will be open Monday from 10 to 8.