Actually, I don't care if the morons in Hollywood want to keep yapping. I just want the media to stop treating everything they say as important.

Seriously, who cares what Miley Cyrus or Alyssa Milano has to say about ANYTHING? Or Kanye West, for that matter?

As a society, we probably know more about Bette Midler's opinion of President Trump than we do about Trump's position on most issues. The media feeds it to us and we gobble it right up. But it's not just presidential politics. These Hollywood hacks are experts on abortion, the environment, immigration, and climatology, too. How the hell did they get so smart?

Miley Cyrus is the one who got naked and swung around on a wrecking ball while licking a sledgehammer. I go to her for advice on—what?

The divine ones are blessed with larger-than-life egos. It goes with the territory. But never has the media focused so much attention on what they have to say. Whenever Rosie or DeNiro make a comment it becomes instant news on the internet. Who cares?

I can't help but wonder if the public is really all that interested in what these performers have to say, or if the media finds it easier to report their comments as opposed to digging for real news. Because there is real news out there. There are legit Pulitzers waiting to be won. There is muck to be raked, scoops to be scooped, and dirt to be flung, if only the press would be bothered to report on it.

Hollywood stars can be entertaining. They make us happy and sad. They sing beautiful songs and tell fantastic stories. And then they go and ruin it by opening their big mouths. Drats!

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