The smarmy grin and snarky lines of Ted Cruz with the delivery of Major Frank Burns from M*A*S*H. That's what millions of Americans witnessed last night in the debate performance of Democrat Party VP candidate, Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia.

His pre-fabricated, cheesy one liners went over like a fart in church. While Republican VP candidate Mike Pence (Governor of Indiana) has an undeniable mighty task of carrying the water to explain 'Trump-speak', Kaine has a sizable bucket of his own, given Hillary Clinton's record.

Pence had a few weaker moments denying that Trump said some things obviously on record but on the other hand, he was brilliant in doing so. He reminded people in a consolidated fashion, that Trump's context needs to be considered in the content. It kind of reminded me of how the Boston Red Sox brass and supporters allowed for a unique player to behave with autonomy. Manny Ramirez. He could take bathroom breaks and hold up a game while he pee'd behind the Green Monster in Fenway or show up late to the park, as long as the championships kept coming behind his 40+ Home Runs and 125+ RBIs  every season. They were okay with "Manny being Manny".

Millions of Americans have seemed to adapt to this idea that Donald Trump with his iconic pop-culture career, is to be given a wide-berth with regards to political correctness. He almost has the same pass Americans gave to Archie Bunker! Will enough Americans agree that Trump says shallow, vindictive things but also think his heart is in the right place, perhaps if only deep down? In less than a month we'll see if it works.

Aside from that, Pence took to the offensive after Kaine's canned attack fell flat. He, unlike Donald J. Trump, did not leave any 'low hanging fruit' in this debate. He effectively undressed the corrupt practice of the Clintons and reminded people of the multiple failures in Hillary Clinton's record as both US Senator and Secretary of State.

I had to learn that CNN and others were out there keeping score and counted that Kaine had interrupted Pence between 65 -75 times, depending on who kept score. At the end of the debate I gave Pence a solid win. * For the record I gave Hillary Clinton the win over Trump on September 26th. Not as clearly as this pounding though.

Pence came across as a guy who could easily be the CEO of the Solar System and Kaine...well, like I said, Frank Burns in politics.

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