If you're in your thirties or older and grew up on the Southcoast, these pictures will be a fond memory of what our playgrounds use to look like.

Who remembers growing up and playing in concrete play areas? Seesaws made of metal that would knock you unconscious if you got slapped in the head with one? Swings with rusty chain links that screamed 'omg, I might need a tetanus shot'? And how about that hot slide on a hot summer day that burned your behind on the way down.  Who doesn't love a good slide burn!

Deborah soares, TSM

I went to James B. Congdon school in New Bedford, so this picture brings back great memories. It wasn't just recess. After school, weekends, this was my playground. Like myself and so many other kids who grew up in New Bedford, Fall River and surrounding towns, we played on cement grounds that are so far from the plastic, sand, sponge turf and mulch our kids are used to. Don't get me wrong, I  am not saying we should revert to these old school (no pun intended) playgrounds.  But it is funny to see how different it was just twenty or so years ago.

Here's a picture of New Bedford's Swift school slide from the 80's.  I found these pics digging through old files.  They brought back great memories of all of the death traps we played in. From Buttonwood Park to Hazelwood Park and every elementary school in between.

Deborah Soares, TSM