Was the price wrong on Wheel of Fortune?

On Tuesday, March 5, the Wheel of Fortune audience witnessed a remarkable moment when Joey Covey, a contestant from Illinois, spun his way to victory, winning a luxurious trip to the Beauport Hotel in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

I first noticed New Bedford's own DJ Junior Jay take to Facebook questioning why a trip to Massachusetts had an $8,000 value. I wonder, too.

At first glance, the allure of an $8,000 trip to Massachusetts might seem irresistible. Yet, upon closer examination from a guy who lives here (me), it seems like the price tag doesn't; add up. Even the most extravagant accommodations in the Commonwealth don't command such exorbitant prices.

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Junior Jay put the value into perspective.

Consider this: A luxurious stay at Nobnocket Boutique Inn on Martha's Vineyard during Memorial Day weekend can be secured for less than $1,500. Similarly, a weekend retreat in a suite at The Royal Sonesta overlooking the Charles River in Boston on Fourth of July weekend goes for under $2,000 for three days and two nights. Even a week-long escape to Times Square in New York City, indulging in the holiday spirit at the Crowne Plaza and splurging on fine dining and entertainment in the city that never sleeps, rarely exceeds the $4,000 mark.

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So, how did the prize on Wheel of Fortune reach such a number? It's a mystery.

This is not to say that a trip to the Beauport Hotel in Gloucester isn't desirable. Nestled along the scenic coastline on Massachusetts' storied North Shore, the Beauport Hotel offers stunning views, luxurious accommodations and access to a wealth of coastal attractions. However, it's highly unlikely that a trip of comparable value to the other vacations could reach the $8,000 mark, even factoring in airfare.

Maybe there are additions to this trip that weren't advertised on the show.

In any case, Covey's triumph on Wheel of Fortune undoubtedly provided him with an unforgettable adventure to Massachusetts. He lives in the Midwest so at least he can soak in some time enjoying the Atlantic Ocean if that was on his bucket list.

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