Don't we have laws against mutilating animals? Somebody has to pull the Democrats away from this dead horse they have kicked and kicked, whipped and pummeled since 2016.

I was able to find clear and disturbing signs of colluding with Russians and with the former Soviets, but the last ones who will want to hear about that are these very same Democrats. Believe me.

No matter the angle they look at the Mueller report or how many times they say Trump-Russian collusion, there is no collusion between Russia and Trump—or anyone with Trump.

Real Collusion Instance No. 1: In 1983 Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) had former Harvard University roommate and U.S. Senator John Tunney (D-California) covertly meet with the KGB to relay Kennedy's offer to Soviet premier Yuri Andropov.

In 1991, Boris Yeltsin, President of the Russian Federation, released archives with hundreds of thousands of former Soviet documents. Tim Sebastian, a reporter from the London Times, was looking through many of the documents unveiling many guarded secrets from behind the Soviet "Iron Curtain." One such document discovered was a memorandum from Victor Chebrikov, a former top-ranking member of the KGB, which I encourage you to read here.

What the memo essentially stated is that Tunney conveyed to Andropov that Sen. Kennedy was planning to run for president and that he wanted Andropov to cause some problems for President Ronald Reagan that would make his re-election bid far tougher.

In exchange for the Soviet meddling with the American political process, Kennedy made clear promises to get Andropov on American TV, with the cooperation of the major television networks, to allow Andropov to expose the American people to Soviet propaganda in order for them to see the communist empire's position in a much more sympathetic light.

In far greater detail than here, Forbes ran this article titled "Kennedy's Soviet Gambit."

Politifact's Jon Greenberg has declared for the information arbitrator's site that the memo has been debunked. It has not. In fact, some links Greenberg offers in his findings go nowhere.

In an email I just received while finishing this article, Mr. Greenberg politely declined to come on to my radio program and provide his reasons and explain his research for dismissing the credibility of the document.

Greenberg also seems to have TDS and can't even quote a simple statement from Trump without intentionally misleading the reader. On one issue, Greenberg quotes the president as saying, "Trump said windmill noise causes cancer. The White House provided no evidence. No study supports the statement." Greenberg gives the statement a "Pants on Fire" rating, meaning absurdly false.

Well, it is a horribly ignorant statement. Only it's not exactly what he said. What President Trump did say, and was almost as absurd to be honest, was, "And they say the noise causes cancer. You told me that one. Okay. You know, the thing makes's so...and of course, it's like a graveyard for birds..."

He is guilty of quoting someone who was standing off to the side. Guilty of that, yes. He was obviously trying to be funny, which he wasn't very. Guilty of that, too.

Jon Greenberg has gone out of his way to be the one letting the public know what is and isn't the truth and he absolutely knows how to quote someone accurately (so does my fourth-grade daughter). This is the type of yellow journalism that I like my readers to understand is actually prevalent in media today.

Back to the topic at hand. These days, a FISA court judge seems to have signed a warrant to allow for FBI surveillance on the Trump campaign in 2016, based on a dossier by a former British spy who got his intelligence from nameless, faceless, anonymous Russian officials at the Kremlin. Christopher Steele won't even stand by his own dossier under oath! The Democrats want you to believe it anyway.

On the contrary here, we have an official document with a specific KGB leader who couldn't possibly have known would be released to the west years later, making notes of a U.S. Senator, rival to President Reagan, offering a quid pro quo for Kennedy's personal gain even though it would hurt the United States strategically, according to the Pentagon.

How is that not treason?

Real Collusion Instance No. 2: The Steele dossier itself. Somehow, the audacity has escaped the wrath of media and the Democratic Party itself. Perkins Coie, the law firm overseeing Fusion GPS, Clinton's opposition researcher, instructed them to hire the services of Christopher Steele and instructed him to approach his contacts at the Kremlin to see if they had any damaging information about Donald Trump.

Once more, in case it hasn't hit you: ultimately, Hillary Clinton solicited the Kremlin to assist her candidacy for President of the United States. Russian Collusion.

Real Collusion Instance No. 3: Attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya visiting the Trump Tower where the Trump for President Campaign HQ was. I wrote about this curious visit. The Russian attorney was denied a visa to the U.S. by the Justice Department when she requested to enter in order to observe her client Denis Katsyv's hearing at a Manhattan federal courthouse.

Now, the Trump theory of collusion is absurd in the first place. FBI Director James Comey hid key elements from the FISA judge, whose signature was needed for the extraordinary usurping of civil rights with surveillance measures.

In the redacted FISA application, we can see that Comey did not tell the judge that the Steele dossier was funded by Clinton, Trump's rival political campaign. Yes, Comey said that, to this day he isn't sure who funded the dossier. He failed to disclose to the judge that the author of the incriminating information, Steele, was biased and not credible when he stated months earlier to Department of Justice Deputy Director Bruce Ohr that he "Was desperate that Trump not be elected president."

Ohr insists that Comey was provided with that information. Heck, Comey even wants us to believe that he "can't remember" who told him that the Steele dossier was paid for by the Clinton campaign.

Wouldn't the Director of the FBI be able to simply go to the public records and see the individual expense report by the Clinton campaign? Clearly, to me, the man is a habitual liar and a fraud.

Back to the third example of Russian collusion. Attorney Veselnitskaya was able to secure her visa to attend that federal hearing. Someone in the State Department (recently run by Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton) secured her visa so she could enter the United States on June 9, 2016.

She attended the hearing as an observer since she was not qualified as an attorney in the USA. Her client, Katsyv, was represented by a Los Angeles law firm. While at the Daniel Patrick Moynihan Federal Courthouse, Veselnitskaya met up with Fusion GPS founder Glen Simpson.

Weird, huh? A Russian prosecutor with deep ties to the Kremlin got the American State Department to go behind the American Justice Department's back to slip her into the country and into their court hearing, where she met up with Hillary Clinton's chief investigator whose job was to dig up dirt on Donald Trump.

June 9, 2016 was a very big day for the "Kremlinite" Veselnitskaya. You see, not only did she just "have to be" at the hearing for her already-represented client that day, but she also had a planned meeting with the Trump campaign at Trump Tower scheduled later that day.

She was going to present Donald Trump, Jr., Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner with written proof that Hillary Clinton was receiving illegal Russian money for her campaign.

She instead met up with Hillary's investigator and then walked into the high profile, world-renowned Trump Tower, where reporters were known to be waiting around. Someone else was waiting there as well. The FBI, armed with the FISA warrant and surveillance equipment, monitored the meeting between Team Trump and the Kremlin-linked operative.

When she left that meeting, she re-joined Glen Simpson for dinner that night.

As I said weeks ago, my premise is that Simpson paraded Veselnitskaya and the Russian entourage she came with into the Trump Tower to drum up the credibility of the Steele dossier, knowing the FBI was filming and recording the whole thing.

Veselnitskaya never did provide Team Trump with any evidence, and instead wanted to talk about something she was lobbying for. Donald Trump, Jr. was not impressed and left the meeting. He didn't realize at that time that his father's campaign had just been set up by the very best in the world—a collaboration between the Clinton campaign, the American Justice Department, the State Department, and Russia.


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