I've traveled the country a lot. Perhaps not as much as you, but I have logged a few highway miles over the years. Being on the road allows you to learn about the nation's highway system.

If you've not traveled far beyond the Massachusetts border, you might think Interstate 90 (I-90), the Massachusetts Turnpike, ends at the New York State border just beyond Pittsfield. It doesn't.

At 3,201 miles long, Interstate 90, an east-west transcontinental freeway, is the longest interstate highway in the United States. Crossing 13 states, Interstate 90 begins in Boston and ends in Seattle, Washington.

I've traveled I-90 in an RV from Montana to Massachusetts. It's quite a ride.

Three Of The Longest Roads In The U.S. Begin In Massachusetts
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While I-90 is the longest interstate highway in America, the U.S. Highway Administration says U.S. Highway 20, an east-west U.S. Numbered Highway, is the longest road in the United States. Route 20 spans 3,365 miles from Boston to Newport, Oregon.

Route 20, which runs virtually parallel to I-90, loses its numbered designation as it traverses Yellowstone National Park but resumes on the other side.

Once considered the longest road in the United States, U.S. Route 6, also known as the Grand Army Highway of the Republic, runs 3,198.87 miles from Provincetown, Massachusetts, to Bishop, California. Several modifications over the years resulted in Route 6 losing its title as the longest road in the United States.

Traveling Route 6 in Denver, Colorado was strange, knowing it's the same highway I drive from my home in Dartmouth to the radio station in Fairhaven daily.

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