What's age got to do with it?

An 84 year old Fairhaven woman says it was a mistake when she hit the accelerator instead of the brakes then slammed into a 7/11 convenience store. Because of the driver's age, some are barking 80 somethings shouldn't be allowed to drive. Others are calling for folks 75+ to take a driving test every six months.

I'm not in my 80's, but I have tapped the accelerator intending to brake my vehicle, and vice versa. No harm. No foul. No ticket.

Larger questions loom. Is it discriminatory to make seniors take a driving test when historically they have fewer accidents than 16-24 year olds? Maybe so, but driving is privilege. What about the 80 something that relies on the four wheel freedom tool to go shopping, to church and to see family? My colleagues Phil Paleologos and Barry Richard sit around the studio to hash out the issue.

Where are the driverless vehicles when you need one?

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