Nobody will fault this President for his persistence. President Trump signed Travel Ban 2, a new executive order the White House claims is an effort to protect Americans.

If there's an urgency to save us from the merciless Muslims, why is this second order coming out so late? The original capped the President's thrilling first week in office.

What stinks about the United States' vetting process since 9-11-2001? When our government claims forty of eighty-two purported  terror acts have been, or would have been, committed by U. S. citizens, the travel ban policy seems misguided. Meanwhile, Iraq's vetting process is good enough for the baby new Secretary of State to erase that country, an adopted home to ISIS, from the Trump terror nation list. 

It's time for this administration to stop "Wagging the dog." If we have a real terrorism threat, saddle up the armed forces, bring a goodly number home and deploy them to monitor our borders and sea lanes.


Should Iraq be removed from the list of Muslim majority nation under the U.S. Travel ban executive order?

1) Yes

2) No

3) The entire order is unconstitional

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