She's a candidate looking for more local involvement in city issues. Ward 3 New Bedford City Council candidate Bethany Fauteux staunchly supports the residency law. If there's no litmus test for the law, how do we know it's viable. It's one thing to believe residents qualify. The candidate's salary needs may not fit the financial constraints of the city's budget. That's a simplistic qualifier, but how many fit into that category?

When it comes to undocumented and illegal immigrants working in Ward 3, as you will hear, candidate Fauteux and I are pow wowing in the same camp. Don't fix what ain't broken. Kicking native peoples from our land is a disgrace to the heritage and creed of our nation. To the paltry percentage of illegals committing crimes inside the U.S., detain them and get them into court. If they're found guilty, ship them back to their homeland.

Follow the foot and cultural trail from India to Alaska, into the U.S. then Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. Their ancestors pre-date us.

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