The Immigrants Assistance Center in New Bedford hosted a naturalization ceremony on Friday, with 31 new citizens sworn in by Superior Court Judge Richard Moses.

They come from 11 different countries, including Pakistan, India, Lebanon and Portugal.

Yoork Rossenbert Cueto is a native of the Dominican Republic and has lived in New Bedford for ten years.

He tells WBSM News, it was time for him to become a citizen.  "I could never see myself living in another country," said Cueto.  He added, "I raised my family and my kids here, the country has been good for me and its a wonderful country."  Cueto is self-employed as a barber.

Judge Moses reminded the new citizens that they now have the right to vote, something he said that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Another new citizen is Mehwish Khalid of Fall River.  She came here from Pakistan six years ago, and is happy to be a citizen of America.

"Where I come from girls are not allowed to work over there, so I can work, I can do anything," she said.  "I can vote, it is a big deal," Khalid added.

Asked if she had anything else to say, Khalid said quietly, "God Bless America."  Khalid is currently attending classes for Cosmetology.


JIm Phillips / TSM